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The History of the Internet
Internet Timeline 1999

Internet 2 / Napster / Domain Name Sales

Hosts:56,218,000    WebHosts:9,560,866    Users:279,192,000

Internet 2
Internet 2 (exceeding 8GBps), led by over 170 U.S. universities working in partnership with industry and government, developed and deployed advanced network applications and technologies, accelerating the creation of tomorrow's Internet. MCI/Worldcom, the vBNS provider for NSF, began upgrading the US backbone to 2.5GBps The world feared the unknown Y2K effects on the Internet, which never materialized. Computers were free with a 3-year network service agreement.

In mid-1999, the laid-back, 18-year-old Northeastern University dropout Shawn Fanning – nicknamed "Napster" for the nappy hair – developed Napster, the first popular peer-to-peer filesharing platform. Napster, a free software program, allowed people to easily exchange recordings via the Net, cutting out stores and music publishers. Within a year Napster would upend music's business model.

Domain Sales
Multi-million dollar domain name sales were the poster child of the dot-com excess, with the most infamous being Business.com, which was purchased by ECompanies Venture Group, headed by former Disney executive Jake Weinbaum. But when the dot-com bubble burst, such prices began to appear downright silly; a warning to would-be speculators.

Business.com  - $7.5 million    express.com  - $2 million
wine.com  - $3.3 million    MarketingToday.com  - $1.5 million
AltaVista.com  - $3.25 million   WallStreet.com  - $1.03 million
autos.com  - $2.2 million    Rock.com  - $1 million
coupons.com  - $2.2 million    drugs.com  - $824,000