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The History of the Internet
Internet Timeline 2011

Google Plus / Google Art / Digital Magazines / Next Issue

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Google Plus
Google launched the Google+ service on June 28, 2011. Google+ is a social network with its emphasis on organizing friendship information. On July 14, 2011, Google announced that Google+ had reached 10 million users in just two weeks, and as of December 2011, Google+ was adding an estimated 625,000 new users a day. As of January 2013, Google+ had approximately 359 million active users, surpassing Twitter in January 2013 and making it the the second-largest social networking site in the world behind Facebook.

The Google Art Project
On February 1, 2011 Google launched its Google Art Project, which is an online platform through which the public can access high-resolution images of artworks housed in the initiative’s partner museums at no cost. On April 3, 2012, Google announced a major expansion to the Art Project as it signed partnership agreements with 151 museums from 40 countries. The platform now features more than 32,000 artworks from 46 museums, and the image acquisition process is under way at the remaining partner museums.

Digital Magazines
The March 28, 2011 edition of The New Yorker magazine became the first major print magazine to begin a subscription plan on a tablet platform, the iPad, for one of its magazines. The digital version is subscription-based, but current print subscribers can sign in to the iPad version at no additional charge.

Next Issue
On May 23, 2011, five leading U.S. publishers formed Next Issue Media. Next Issue's Netflix-like magazine service provides interactive digital editions of some of the world’s most popular titles. Optimized for tablets, Next Issue also works well on Apple and Android phones. As of late 2013, subscriptions are as little as $9.99 a month, and they offered unlimited access to over 90 titles from which to choose, including popular titles such as Esquire, Fortune, Glamour, GQ, Popular Mechanics, Sports Illustrated, The New Yorker, Time, Vanity Fair, Vogue, and many more.