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The History of the Internet
Internet Timeline 1971

First Email / First eBook / ARPANET Grows

Backbone:50Kbps ARPANET, Hosts:23

First Email
Ray Tomlinson of BBN invented an email program to send messages across a distributed network. The email program was derived from two others: an intra-machine email program (SENDMSG) and an experimental file transfer program (CPYNET).

First eBook
Michael S. Hart created the first eBook by typing the US Declaration of Independence into a computer. During the same year he also founded Project Gutenberg, the first digital library to create and house electronic copies of eBooks.

Also in 1971, ARPANET had grown to 15 nodes with 23 hosts. The original IMPs were limited to 4 host connections, and so BBN developed a terminal IMP (TIP) that supported up to 64 hosts.